Through Shadows and Substance

“I inhabit between darkness and light, my presence weaving through shadows and substance. The magnitude of this experience reduces me to a minute, silent presence.”

Renzo Spiteri, personal diary entry. Sandness, Shetland, July 12 2018.

Date: Saturday 6 October

Time: 18.00-21.00 (with live performance interventions at 19.00 and 20.00)

Venue: Big School, Magdalen College School

Free (no ticket required)

"When I first arrived on Shetland in April of this year, I was greeted by a canvas of minimal sound textures as I had never experienced before. By the time I left Shetland in July, following the last of three field trips, nothingness had turned into a particular stillness from which so much had emerged. Immersing myself in its natural conditions and phenomena, I felt that, only by then, had I started to embrace the island’s rawness and particular atmosphere."

"Through Shadows and Substance unveils and shares my experiences while visiting Shetland, through interplay of field recordings, film, sounds and actions. It is an installation that documents processes developing, a state of mind in flux, a personal pilgrimage in search of a more significant mode of artistic expression." This work is part of the MA Sound Art final project, Oxford Brookes University.

Renzo Spiteri is a sound artist, composer and musician who uses the sonic environment around him as primary source material that not only sets the tone to his work, but is also a powerful source of inspiration. He has a passion for improvisation, field recording, sound collection, composition and sound design, and their application in installations, live performances and sonic material for film/moving image that he creates. Through his work, Renzo seeks to bring about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners / audiences and his work, be it in public spaces, performance venues, film, art galleries and museums.

Renzo’s work Through Shadows and Substance has taken him to unchartered territories not only geographically but also artistically. The work represents the materialisation of his personal responses to the particular atmospheres that Shetland embodies, and his presence within them.

Part of the Oxford Festival of the Arts' new series #ENCOUNTERS, the new ‘society’ where all you need to have to join is curiosity.