ORA Singers

In partnership with SJE Arts

ORA Singers presents a programme inspired by Rome's rich catalogue of Renaissance composers, from Palestrina to Ingegenri, Marenzio to Porta. The programme is book-ended by two choral classics: Allegri's iconic Miserere, and the modern masterpiece that is MacMillan's setting of the same text. Renaissance works sit side by side with stunning modern reflections and text settings. The evening includes two pieces commissioned especially by ORA, a new setting of the Lord's Prayer by American composer Julia Adolphe and a reflection on Anerio's Christus Factus Est by former New College chorister and current Professor of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Edmund Finnis.


Date: Sunday 30th June

Time: 19:30-21:15

Venue: SJE Arts

Tickets: £25, £20, £17 (£10 reduction for under 25s. £2 tickets available for under 18s in the side aisles)

Allegri - Miserere

Cheryl Frances Hoad - Gaude Et Laetare

Ingegneri - O Bone Jesu

Palestrina - Improperium

Edmund Finnis - Reflection on Improperium by Palestrina

Porta - Pater Noster

Julia Adolphe - Pater Noster

Anerio - Stabat Mater a 12

Allegri - Christus Resurgens Ex Mortuis

James MacMillan - Data est mihi omnis potestas

Anerio - Christus Factus Est

Animuccia - Alma Redemptoris

Roxanna Panufnik - Alma Redemptoris

Anerio - Salve Regina

Gabriel Jackson - Salve Regina

Marenzio - Gaudent in caelis

James MacMillan - Miserere