Drama Workshop for Adults

In a relaxed, friendly environment, enjoy exploring improvisation techniques, storytelling methods and character creation through an exciting range of fun drama games and insightful acting exercises. There’s a great time to be had by all, whether you’re an absolute beginner or have previously dabbled in drama.

To start, ice-breaker and name games will help the group get to know each other and relax into the class situation, while quickly establishing that it is perfectly fine – and indeed liberating – to make mistakes. Listening exercises build trust and connection between participants, and highlight the importance of communication in acting.

Through a number of exercises we will explore ways to speak before thinking – a sometimes alien concept for many – and demonstrate the ‘rules’ of improv. Working together, as well as in pairs and small groups, we will explore ways of creating different characters and embodying new personas. We will find ways to look into a character’s past and future, and how they fit and develop within a possible situation or story setting. Our characters might even meet up for a chat!

This workshop will give you an insight into the working practices of actors and drama students, and is a great place to explore your creativity, make new friends, escape the humdrum and have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Date: Saturday 30 June
Time: 10.30-12.30
Meeting Point: Festival Hub