Hospital Hubbub

Hospital Hubbub was an enthralling three-month audio project with children at the John Radcliffe Hospital School, under the guidance of Penny Boreham, a professional radio producer. The podcasts were produced by Penny with the children, who were coached in recording and interviewing techniques to enable them to share their experiences of being in hospital with the public. This culminated in a presentation to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Children’s Hospital at Pegasus Theatre during the Arts Festival.

Inspired by Paula Byrne and Jonathan Bate's poetry anthology Stressed Unstressed, children at the John Radcliffe Hospital School created their own book of poetry, Bright Sparks. In this, they and well-known authors share poems that inspire them. A series of podcasts, including interviews with the children and the authors, explore their choices and the ways in which poetry can help children (and adults) through difficult times.

The audio pieces can be accessed below:

  • Poetry read and discussed by the participants.
  • Daniel and Libby speak directly to those who are about to come to hospital, explaining what they enjoy doing in hospital, what they appreciate about those who support them and what works for them. (7 mins, 25sec)
  • Blesson, Ellie and Libby talk about the artwork they have completed in hospital on the subject of ‘Space’. (3 mins, 27 sec)

  • Clover presents, with contributions from Josh, Bailey May, Tayden and Evie, discussing the five senses in terms of both hospital and home. (10 mins, 20 sec)
  • Annabelle talks about her experience of hospital and her wish to become a nurse. (4 mins, 28 sec)
  • Sophie and her teacher Lauren talk about Sophie’s art work. (5 mins, 17 sec)

  • Annabelle offers some tips to those entering hospital and those coming to visit. (2 mins, 14 sec)