Murder on the National Express

A murder is planned aboard a train, but what happens when the train is cancelled? This is murder on a replacement bus service. This is murder on the National Express.

With a corpse in the luggage hold and only an hour to reach your destination you must solve this horrifying bus based death. The clock is ticking and the murderer could be on board the coach. As the wheels on the bus go round and round the clues on the bus get found and found.

This is a comedic murder mystery like no other. From the team that brought you Jericho Comedy, Stand-up History, The Show That Must Not Be Named and the Dragprov Revue.

Vehicle kindly provided by Heyfordian.

Recommended for ages 14+


Date: Tuesday 25 June 2019

Time: 19:00-20:00 & 20:30-21:30

Venue: Meet at the Festival Hub

Tickets: £12/£10