In partnership with Arts at the Old Fire Station

With her body, a tightwire and a physical composition that draws on the Japanese rope art of Shibari, Hanna Moisala’s WireDo tells a mesmerising story of stepping out into the unknown. With its three-dimensional view, WireDo explores the inner balance of human behaviour with the question: “what happens to the body when it chooses to surrender and be manipulated?” Daring tightwire stunts combined with Moisala’s captivating presence and skilled rope manipulation offer an unprecedented spectacle.

Hanna Moisala is a Finnish tightwire dancer. She studied Circus Arts and has worked as a circus artist for companies such as Dizzy O'Dare and Agit-Cirk, as well as touring the world as a dancer with the Finnish cult band Leningrad Cowboys


Date: Thursday 4 July 2019

Time: 19:30-20:20

Venue: Arts at the Old Fire Station

Tickets: Tickets are priced under the Old Fire Station's new three-tier system:

  • £12 - Standard. This is the regular ticket price
  • £14 - Pay More. For those who can afford to help us offer cheaper tickets to people who need them
  • £10 - Pay Less. For those who can't afford the standard price