Jake Lynch

Blood on the Stone, by Jake Lynch, is a mystery thriller set in 1681 as King Charles II brings the English parliament to Oxford. Historical fiction is set in the past, but it is not necessarily, or not only, about the past.

In this talk, Jake will show how the growing sub-genre of ‘Restoration whodunits’ can speak to issues of our own time.

The book’s hero, Luke Sandys, is Chief Officer of the Oxford Bailiffs – the nearest equivalent in the period to a modern-day detective. He must solve a politician’s murder, thwart a treasonous conspiracy, and rescue a young woman from a grisly ritualistic killing. 

Chock full of Oxford characters, events and references, Jake Lynch will talk about his inspiration for the book, the writing and publishing process, and will take questions from the audience.

“An absorbing and ultimately compelling read: a gripping narrative, based on well-rounded characters, in a convincingly recreated milieu of time and place.”       Oxford Mail


Date: Monday 1 July 2019

Time: 18:00-19:00

Venue: MCS JS Hall

Tickets: £10/£8/£2